Disk space not showing correctly

Hi all,

Quick question about my WD Sharespace.

I have 2x1TB drives in there and set as SPAN, and it reports correctly that there is 2TB usable.

I have since added a single 2TB drive (WD of course). In the Sharespace admin console, I can see the disk and it seems to be fine. The problem is that it still only reports that there is 2TB usable in total. I would expect for it to say 4TB (or 3.whatever TB).

The 2TB disk should be working fine and it has been formatted previously in Windows with NTFS.

I dont understand why it detects the disk and says it is fine, yet wont update my total usable space.

Please help :smiley:



Does anyone know?

Basically my question comes down to Can I have multiple different sized HDDs in my Sharespace. Can I have 1TB disks and 2TB running at the same time?


Pull up the management console and look under “Storage” then “Volumes” . Does it list two volumes? Mine came with all four drives so I didn’t need to add but with traditional RAID volumes drives need to be added to be recognized.  Be careful thou because adding drives can erase the entire volume. So if you data is important, back it up. Also, if you want to use Raid 5 the drives need to be the same size other wise your 2tb drive will match the others in size.

hey mate,

thanks for your reply

I have only 1 volume showing

it says it has 3 disks but the sizeis only 1.79tb. I would expect i to say an extra 2tb on top of that.

if i look in the disk manager there are 3 disks in there, all status good.

so if im adding extra drives, they cant be added on the fly? they all need to be that at the very beginning?

keep in mind im not using raid.