3th WD Green keeps giving bad sectors


i have a Raid 5 with x4 3Tb Western Digital Green disks. (i disabled the timer so they don’t fall asleep after 8 sec)

with 3 of them i have no problem, they have been running for more then 2 months and not 1 bad sector. But on 1 i keep getting bad sectors.

A month ago:
 I saw i had bad sectors. The disk was only in use for over a month so went back to the store got a new one in warranty. The raid rebuild-ed and it was working good, but yet again after 2 days i saw i had 15 bad sectors. (i called a friend to ask if i should return to the store again to get a new one, but he said i should first see if it gets any worse.( what i did was change the cable from the motherboard to the HDD(dont know if it would help anything))


 I saw i had 19 bad sectors. so i went back to the store got a new HDD( dident change the timer yet) placed it in the RAID 5 started repairing. after 3 hours i went back to check how far he was and i saw the BRAND NEW DISK already has “Bad Sectors”!!

Does anybody ever had the same problem? Do i just have bad luck? Would the problem be on the motherboard?

I Feel pretty bad for going back to the store a Fourth time

There are different reasons why you might get bad sectors

check this link


most of the applications that test the drive are able to repair the bad sectors when they are not too many

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what store lets you exchange your drive after 2 or more months ?

and YES i am seeing the same exact problem and did the same stuff.

And it’s only getting worse and worse…

Hi WD green drives are not meant for raid use and certainly not raid 5. So if you want to run raid 5 get drives that support it. 

It looks like newest drives (green, blue, black, red or whatsoever) are a lot worse of their predecessors; I need a new drive but it seems impossible to find something that’s a bit reliable… lately. 

Agreed. I have 1TB and 2TB Green drives with >20,000 power-on hours and no problems, whereas I’ve had two dubious 3TB Green drives out of the four I’ve bought in the last year.

In my case, with one drive Linux was reporitng unrecoverable read errors, but the disk claimed no errors in the SMART data. So it didn’t appear to have bad sectors but was behaving as though it did.

same here. from 5 drives (including 4 “originals” and one replacement drive) 3 died with unrecoverable read errors, the 6th (a replacement) drive is hopefully already on the way back to me. 750GB and 1.5TB drives were running for years in the same system/chassis without any troubles, but the 3TB Green drives are dying like flies after a just few days … my hope was to get WDC to exchange the GREEN drives by RED drives, but Crix’ statement about black/red/green/blue drives is disappointing :frowning: any ideas?


My 5th drive doesnt show any bad sectors will check tonight cause it has been over 2 weeks since last check.

Its still a WD Green 3Tb drive, with the timer turned off so it never falls asleep by itself.

What the problem was, i dont know i think it was something in the drives.