3tb nas fried. Where to get a replacement

I had a 3tb wd nas drive. Worked most of the time (windows sometimes refused to see it).
However there was a lightning strike and the case got fried.
I tried to plug into a desktop computer, figuring its a hdd. That fried the hdd card.
Bought a red 3tb used drive, transplanted the hdd card and the drive seems to spin up, however unreadable as there is encryption on the drive from wd.
I’m now looking for a 2011 model used to try and recover the data before sending it of to a highly expensive data recovery place.
What I wanted to know was if I could buy the hdd to nas part to read the data off the drive…?

I have a 1tb usb version from a year or so before the 3tb. But that must have a different encryption as it spun up but couldnt read.
Advice please.
I am in the netherlands



I don’t think you’re gonna have any luck swapping boards / cases / enclosures etc.

If it was that easy for anyone to access encrypted data … then what’s the point of encryption at all?

You might have more luck with Linux Tools to open the encrypted drive to view the files and recover them.

The links below are for My Book … you may get lucky if it works for My Book Live.

Last Resort … a data recovery service, if the files are very important (cus, it will cost you)

Hi thanks for the reply.

So the only way is via linux (windows said there was a drive but wouldn’t read it) ?
I have no idea but I’ll check out the links. Thank you!