3TB Mybook Live Keeps freezing on me

I Just recieved my  mybook live Yesterday and durring file transfer from my pc to the mybook live it would keep freezing up.  Also now that i have everything transfered it keeps freezing durring music streaming. It freezes when streaming to my android tablet, win7 pc using winamp, and my android phone. The connection are all hard wired 10/100/1000 Connections Via a dlink 8 port wired switch (dgs-2208) except for the mobile devices, those all route through a dlink dir-825 wireless n router and then to the switch.Firmware Version: MyBookLive 02.41.05-034 : Core F/W.  I also have it set to not sleep. 

1st: Make sure it is actually connecting at 1gb. You can look at LEDs at the MBL (see manual for back LEDs). You have similar LEDs on switch as well.

2nd: If they do not show 1gb connections. Make sure you have CAT5E or newer patch cables.

3rd: Try another switch and/or router

4th: Upgrade firmware on either router and/or MBL.

Thanks for the reply,

  1. It defantly is showing a giggabit connection.

  2. The mybook live has the latest firmware.

  3. Its currently plugged into an unmanaged network switch (no firmware to update/ login/ etc.)

  4. The router has the latest firmware

  5. I have tried plugging both the win7 machine and wd mybook live directly into the router, it still freezes.

  6. I have tried direct connection (via xover cable), it still freezes.

  7. Next thing to try is the 12 gauge. lol

Somthing else i did try is connecting to wd mybbok live via 802.11n with my windows vista machine and it played the entire Bad Company album without a hiccup.

 I appreciate you thoughts, Thank You in advance. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

If it keeps freezing up that sounds like a bad unit. I have a 3T one and it does not freeze up ever.

Perhaps try doing a Quick Factory Restore from the UI. This will wipe all of your data, but it might let the unit fix whatever hickup it is having.

If that does not work I would return it and get another. You might have just chanced onto a bad unit.

just an update: 

thanks again for all your help,

along with this new hdd, i also bought all the components to build a new pc. (which is the winows 7 pc) And from the begining the new pc has had a problem with using all the ram. Had 8 gb installed only using 4 gb. after some lengthy troubleshooting with asus and amd had figured out there was a problem with the motherboard. Now that i have the new MB installed and everything back up and running everything has been working great. Go figure. :dizzy_face: Also it would only transfer at around 20mb/sec before on a good day and not its transfering at 50-75 mb/sec. and nothing else was changed but the motherboard

Thanks for the update… I guess that is why they call it the 'mother’board.