3TB My Book Essential Cannot be read on Belkin n750 router usb port

Hi guys im new here. I recently purchased a 3tb my book essential external hard drive. I also bought a belkin n750db router. Im trying to plug in the hard drive to the router’s usb so i can access the router wirelessly as well as other laptops in my house can access it wirelessly. Basically its something like a storage station where everyone can access the hard drive wirelessly. 

Problem is the router cannot detect the hard drive. I tried plugging in my 1tb my passport and it can be read. I also tried my thumb drives and it reads and im able to access both.

Anyone can help me or teach me as to why im facing this problem with the 3tb???

Hello, I’m pretty sure the router has a limitation on the amount of terabytes it can recognize, check the manual for the maximum capacity hard drive you can use and also check for any firmware update for the router.

Edit: I verified that the maximum capacity you can use is 1TB, check the link below to see a tech support answer from belkin.


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