3TB Green drive WD30EZRX running slow near end of disk

I have a new 3TB Green drive WD30EZRX. I ran an extended read test using the WD Data Lifeguard. Whilst it passed the test it took 14 hours to complete it. I noticed that the final 250GB or so took about 7 hours of that time. I then encrypted the drive which was forecasted to take 17 hours at 47 MB/s. Again during the final 250GB the drive input/output slowed right down to 13 MB/s and it took about 24 hours in total. I don’t have another 3TB to compare with, but I haven’t experienced this with any 1TB. Is this slow down normal during the final 250GB?

please test it with another benchmark utility first.

I unfortunately do not know any freeware utilities, so here are some with trial periods:



please post a screenshot of the SMART log and also the completed linear read benchmark. both applications are capable of SMART and hdd benchmarks. thanks!

Here is a benchmark test looks to me like the second half of the drive has a problem.

The SMART results.

mhhh… I am not too familiar with the green drives, but that raw read error rate worries me already. If there are read errors, the sector has to be reread, thus momentarily slowing down the benchmark… I wonder if they cause the drop in performance towards the end. with this being a new drive, the value is already very high, so this might indicate an unreliable disk that shows signs of dying very early.

please give this application a shot and initiate a surface scan: http://hddscan.com/ (its free!)

take a look at the delay mosaic chart (map tab) and check, whether there are large delays towards the end, whether they are consistent (all the same delay) or just some inbetween.

either way, i think its time to contact WD support for RMA or carry the drive back to where you bought it.

Help i have a similar problem whenever i’m installing something everything gets so slow. This wasn’t a problem in my 1 TB hard disk. It recently became defunct and i decided to upgrade to 2 TB HD. However on that HD i had slow read speeds as well and exchanged it. The new one has the same issues. I don’t know if it’s a cable problem or what. Please help. My HD model is written there on the same results.

i dont see a relation with your issue and sinnig’s, nor do i see a problem with the graph you posted. this is the expected behaviour of drives and not slow for 2TB either.

multiple access to the same drive will heavily lower performance and axe more than half of the transfare speed! why? because in between access of two different files, which are located at different locations of the drive, additional time is required to seek in between these files repeatedly.

if your computer gets very slow, make sure it isn’t actively using the page file (swap) for running applications. Just make sure your RAM has at leastl 1 to 2GB to spare in idle, free to be used ones you need a RAM consuming application. if you don’t have any left, your HDD will be used as an extentions for your install RAM and dramatically slow down HDD read and write speeds as well as the computers overall performance!

Yeah buy\t when i had the 1 TB i used to be able to install something while listening to music. Now when i’m installing a game the music will stutter.

increase the audio buffer size of your player. maybe your new hdd just takes a bit longer to seek, thus causing the audio to stutter after running out of buffer. i doubt its defective or anything along the lines though

That raw read error rate kept climbing while I was looking at it last night. It reached 650 when I last checked. But still the SMART result was ok. I think WD has set the bar so low on these Green drives that there is no time for a warning before failure.

I left it running a test overnight and came back today to find the drive is dead. It will not spin up. It doesn’t make any sound at all when plugged in. I will be sending it back to the vendor.

well, hdds tend to die in the first few months or years later. guess you got one of the bad batch^^

hopefully, your next drive will perform properly and for a lot longer too!

Good advice David64