3.5 SATA HDD 80GB pcb failure

In my old computer I have an hdd SATA 3.5 80GB, I have not used it for long time, recently I bought a cable from pibox india to connect my WD hdd to my laptop to transfer the data, I felt a burning smell after cable is connected, I contacted them about this they said the control board of hdd might have been damaged, now I want to baida control can someone help me how can I buy the control board of this Western Digital hard disc online can I get it repaired

You likely can swap the control board but it likely isn’t something WD sells or would recommend, you would need to acquire it from a third-party.

That said, you might want to consider contacting the WD Technical Support team to see what they suggest:


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Thanks for the response. I will try to get the board

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