Bad controller board on WD hard drive

I found myself in unique situation when a 500 gig WD blue drive stopped working. I contacted WD and they sent me replacement. It too eventually went bad on me but, after the short warranty period during which I was under doctors care for medical problem. Anyway, local technician says the problem is with the controller board but WD tells me they do not replace or sell them to anyone. Hence, I have a perfectly good device that needs a new or used controller board that will reactivate the drive and become useful again but, cannot find anything like that in my limited knowledge. Does anyone have a suggestion other than to just recycle it and forget it?

Thank you for your reply. I was only told by the WD tech that the company would not replace or sell me the controller board but, I guess because he did not have enough knowledge, he never mentioned the BIOS on the controller board or anything else that might effect the operation of the HD. I assumed that each HD of the same size and model had the same type of mother board, coded exactly and could therefore be duplicated and replaced if one failed during testing. I used to be in manufacturing for Motorola and that was how we manufactured the motherboards for the portable radios: identical in every aspect so a swap would be very quick and our repair techs would be given the bad board to repair and test to be put into another radio housing. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

@rickbsig Have you done a Google search on this? Be sure to look at the dates for when the article was written or the video was created.

How to replace a controller board?

Thank you very much. Obviously I was not aware of that information since the WD tech did not advise me of that or, maybe he was not aware of it either since he never said anything about that aspect that the factory has now built into the product.

I just think it a shame to waste anything that might be useful but, I guess it is destined for any kind of recycle that the scrap yards can utilize it for.

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