2TB WD My Book Live not detecting!

Hai Guys,

I’m facing problem from last 1 week over my 2TB WD My Book Live.
After connections are OK, it showing solid Green LED on it, but not detecting in my computer.
I tried in Disk Management also, but it is not showing there, disappointed.
I also tried with resetting option, but no positive response.
Without detecting I can’t use any recovery software.
What would be the problem?

Can anybody help me in this ?
I had stored more than 50% valuable stuffs in this Hard Disk… please help me.

Mujeeb Rahman Poolan Chalil
Dubai, UAE

The WD My Book Live is a network unit, and as such it will not be displayed within Windows Disk Management.

Did you try replacing the Ethernet cable? Is your router detecting the unit and assigning an IP address to it? Can you access the unit’s Dashboard even though you can not access the content? Can you PING the unit in the Windows Command Prompt?

I will add one more… Any reason why you do not have proper backups?