24hz Stutter

I have the latest update installed but there is still something wrong with the 24hz playback, it doesn’t seem to matter if I encode to MP4, MKV or M2TS, the 24hz mode continues to stutter randomly, almost like its dropping frames every now and then.

Obviously if I switch to 60hz the movie plays fine but I don’t want to do that, I want 24hz which my tv supports no problem.

Has anyone found a solution to this?

By the way, I’m playing direct from a USB HDD, no streaming involved.


What firmware are you running on your device?

Did you reset the unit after the update? also you can try performing a factory restore on the unit.

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I’m using the latest firmware 1.05.47. It doesn’t seem to matter which container I use or if I use AAC audio or AC3, it makes zero difference, it just keeps on dropping frames.

If I set it to 60hz the problem goes away but it’s really jerky, can you confirm if at 60hz the WDTV Play simply applies 3:2 pulldown or do I need to set it to interlaced mode for that?