Frame Rate 23.976 and 24

I Have noticed that the WD Media player has a problem with 24FPS. It is fine with 23.976FPS BUT when playig a Blu Ray file that is 24FPS you get a frame drop quite often all through the Movie.

In The UK there are many Blu Ray disks that are 24Hz (i.e. NOT 23.976)

The WD Player is set to “auto” set refresh rate which is what I want.

Is it possible for an update to accomodate 24HZ material

Rotty_Dog wrote:

Is it possible for an update to accomodate 24HZ material 

Doubtful – this product has been discontinued for quite a long time.


Thanks for reply.

Is there a NEW replacement product.

I dont need to stream over network, just play directly via USB from 16TB Hard drive.

Is this an MKV file? What happens when you remux it to M2TS?

ISO, MKV, M2TS all the same issue, its the Frame rate that is the problem, the WD Box only seems to have one match for 24P and that is 23.976, it cannot match true 24P.

You say there’s a frame drop quite often… There’d be one frame dropped roughly every 40 seconds.

Right, also the WDTV DOES match 24 FPS but there have been problems with some MKVs.

Well all I can say is that every 24Hz movie does the same thing, sometimes the Panasonic Inelligent Frame creation masks the problem but a lot of drops do show.

I have 9 24 True movies and all 9 of them do this in all container formats.

All other movies (i.e. 23.976Hz) are fine, its only the 24Hz media.

PS all the 24Hz Movies play correctly on stand alone BD players, its ony using the WD Box.

Im not complaining, just a bit annoying.

Is there S/W that can convert the audio timing from 24 > 23.976, if there is then changing the Video is easy. I could then convert the whole movie from 24 to 23.976.