20TB WD My Book Duo: How to turn off safetly?

Hi! How do I properly turn off my 20TB My Book Duo? I’m on macOS High Sierra.

What I normally do is I eject the drive via Finder but the Front LED Indicator does not turn off.

I do hear the drives spin down but I still hear it at idle.

Reading User Manual, I tried to press once the rear-facing power button but the Front LED Indicator does not turn off.

I then press & hold for 4 seconds the rear-facing power button the Front LED Indicator does turn off.

What I am worried about with the 2nd manner of power button is is that it describes itself as “force a shut down without any consideration for gracefully stopping services or clearing cache”.

Other WD external drives that I have owned in the past like the My Book Desktop, My Book Essential & My Book Studio do not have this problem turning them off when I press the power button once after I eject it.

You should safely eject a drive by right-click and select Eject, or drag the Mounted External Disk icon to Trash then unplug the device from the USB port. This process will not affect the data or performance of drive.

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Thank you