20- Delete Partitions error! HELP!

Hi Can anyone help,

my external hard drive keeps asking me to format it before I can use it, but this fails.

So I downloaded the life guard diagnostics and I get the following errors:

09-Sector #16640-16896::Write Zeros error!

20- Delete Partitions error!

any advice would be greatly appreciated…

Unfortunately, it would appear the hard drive is damaged (Irrecoverable bad sectors). It would be best to replace the unit under warranty.

How to get an RMA, (Return Merchandise Authorization) or replace a defective product under warranty


Try connecting the drive with a different data cable to a different computer and run the same test. If the same issue occurs, it’s most likely the drive and as @Trancer said above your best bet is an RMA (unless you just purchased it at which point I’d suggest replacing it at the store). If the same issue does NOT occur using a different cable on a different computer, than it’s possible there is an issue with the cable or the USB port.