2 "must-have" apps for iPhone jailbreakers

I figured out how to watch DivX/Xvid movies on my iPhone, off the WD TV Live hub!

You will need to be jailbroken, and you’ll need these 2 apps:

  • Safari Download Manager ($5 in the Cydia Store)

  • VLC media player (free on Cydia)

1)  Make sure you are connected to your home WiFi network

2)  Navigate to your twonky media server in mobile Safari:

eg.  (edit the IP address accordingly)

3)  When you click on a movie, Safari download manager will prompt you with 4 choices

[Download] , [Download To…] , [View] , [Cancel].  Select “Download To…”

4)  Click on the “< Media ]” button to move up one folder from the default.  This is the /var/mobile/Media folder where VLC looks for files.    Click “Save”.

5)  Wait for the file to finish downloading, and then open the VLC player.  You divx movie will appear in the VLC app.

this is what i did is easier for me :

downloaded OPlayer ( from installous free)

ran OPlayer -> pressed  “Web Browser” -> accessed  my twonky media server and chose the file and it started streaming it to my iphone 3gs :smiley:

OPlayer sounds easier!

Plugplayer is also a great remote. It lets you browse through the live hub and play media on it.

ZappoTV is also an option of course.

I just tried OPlayer. It played every XVid file I tried on my iPhone 4. Its in the app store. No jailbreak needed. You can download movies or stream them. The media player isn’t as polished as VLC but it does the job. Then I found AirPlayer, from the same company as OPlayer. It has proper Twonky support. You don’t have to use a web browser to find your files. This thing is sweet, but it only does streaming – no local downloads to watch on the train.