Youtube login

I have 2 youtube interfaces on my WDTVlive one of them I used to connect with now cant loging since more than 2 weeks

The other is ok but is not displaying non latin charactrs for langs like hebrew arabic urdu …etc

I wanna know how to fix the first one ( the one withe menu below)

I have deleted my login and recreated but no use

Any suggestions ?


What firmware are you running on the device?

Have you tried resetting the device? Or resetting the unit back to factory defaults?

I have the latest firmware

haven’t try resetting the device before as everything else is oK

Does it have an option to backup present setting before I do a reset ?

Reset the device … no use

you tube videos application does not let me login with several user names

Problem solved by unlinking old youtube account with google+ pages and login with google account (not gmail) I found the solution here on the site knowledge base

Here is the link where I got the solution