Wrong Media library updtae for dlna Server :frowning_face:


i am facing some problems with my my cloud mirror!

Wrong Media update for dlna Server - whatever i do; it’s not possible to get a correct media library build up. as you see i have a lot of media files but in the end. e.g. 0 Movies found. I tried to update, re-build media library or activated/deactivated media server several times. diagnose tools inform me, that there is no problem. what can I do. Restart doesn’t help - newest firmware also installed.

lot of movies (Filme):

media server = on an library updated but movies found = zero

has anybody an idea?

best regards

Hi doepat,

Did you check whether the Media Streaming service of Movies Share is enabled.

This is the nampohyu virus. Its taken over my NAS box also… All files have been encrypted.