Windows 8.1 backup fails


I recently added an new windows 8.1 system to my network, It is a Dell XPS 8700, NTFS file system type. I have been unable to get this computer to backup to the WD Sentinel DX 4000 server.

The computer (8700) has a 1TB drive and no recovery partitions. I have installed, removed and reinstalled the connector several times but still the backups fail.

I have 2 windows 7 systems that backup just fine. I have one Vista system (SP2) that was backing up through 4/3/14. I started having serious issues with that computer which is why I added the XPS8700. The Vista system is not backing up currently but I would take a guess that it is realted to larger issues that system is having overall. I have my event log here I hope this is the correct log it was a list of all errors.

I have both the sever and the WIndows 8.1 system updated and am at a loss. I really hope to be able to backup this system to the WD Sentinel DX4000. The server has 2TB and has 894.3GB available space at this time.

Thanks in advance for the help.


I noticed on one of your earlier msgs that you could not ping the server by name.  I am not real sure just what log you posted, but why is it full of dhcp errors?

Off the top of my head, I would say the problem with the new Dell is it has an EFI partition. on the dell start diskmgmt.msc and see if it has an EFI partition

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Hi Gramps,

Yes I see

500 MB Healthy (EFI System Partition)

40MB Healthy (OEM Partition)

490 MB Helathy (recovery Partition)

OS (C:) 921.52 GB NTFS Healthy  (Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

8.86 GB Healthy (Recovery Partition)

Is there anyway that I can get this file backed up on the WD Sentinel?



You need to get and apply the uEFI Hotfix.  Link is in this

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okay this looks too scary for me but thanks for the insight. Is there any other way to backup a EFI system?


The only way to get uEFI support is to install the patch for uEFUI.  You might try deselecting everything but the C: in “what to back up” but you would never be able to do a BMR if that did work.