Why is Deezer not available in Germany?

I love Deezer and I would like to listen to my music through the WD TV Live Hub. I live in Germany. The service however has been removed. Why? Spotify is still available, but I do not use Spotify. I am a premium member of Deezer because I like it better. Why is it not possible to administrate the “Live” services manually? I do NOT like to be forced to use certain services I do not like. Anybody knows why Deezer is removed?

When you say it has been removed… Was it after a firmware update?

If that’s the case you can always rollback 

hello! (moin)

there’s already a thread in the german forum


although the mod mentioned that deezer should be available in germany, the only chance to get deezer back was to rollback to the previous fw.

you are able to “administrate” the services by parental controls in the settings. just select the services you don’t want to show up and there gone/hidden from the service menu.