Where can I get a replacemnt controller board for my WD Elements?

4061-705094-301 is what the PCB is. I need a new one

Apparently I cannot retrieve data due to encryption so cannot use my SATA cable, I need a new PCB

WD Elements from my understanding do not have Hardware Encryption

I’ve removed plenty of them from enclosures and removed the USB daughter board and am able to use them connected directly via SATA to other computers with no issues … and all the data is intact.

A friend of mine shucked 4x WD Elements and put them in an ICYBOX Enclosure which uses SATA and all the data is intact and readable.

He even gave me the USB daughter boards which work fine with all SATA hard drives even non WD ones.


Anyways, can can buy 4061-705094-301 USB daughter boards off Ebay (link below)

But, if can’t recover the data off the hard drive via SATA … then i think you have bigger problems and the USB daughter board will make no difference.

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Hey thanks!

I have another WD Elements that had the same issue, bought a board that matched the number and it works

That same board DOES NOT work with the Element I cannot get working now

They are essentially the same HD, just one is 4 TB and the other is 5 TB

Should this controller board work with this one or should I buy the one you mention above on eBay?

I have 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 10TB WD Elements drives … the one controller works with all of them. And they all work via a SATA connection as well.

If your usb controller works with one of your hard drives, but not the other … then it indicates the most likely a problem with the Hard Drive.

If you wanna test something else … connect the “working” WD Elements to you PC via SATA … if it works, but the other WD Elements does not work connected via SATA then …

  • 1x WD Elements working with USB Controller and working via SATA connection.

  • 1x WD Elements not working with USB Controller and not working via SATA connection.

With the facts, the logical deduction is a problem with the HDD

But, you’re welcome to buy another usb controller if you want … just don’t be surprised if the hdd still doesn’t work.

Be aware that some bridge firmware is configured for a sector size of 4096 bytes, while others are configured for 512 bytes.

You can see this problem in the Partitions tab of DMDE:


WD used to provide a “quick formatter” tool to switch the sector size for its external enclosures.

I use the “DMDE” program and saw the complete contents of the HD. So it appears ok. It passed multiple tests as well

So you do not think just getting a new controller board would work?

How close to the numbers do I have to match on the part?

If your main concern is data recovery rather than repairing it yourself, consider reaching out to professional data recovery services who specialize in dealing with data encryption and can help retrieve your data even with a faulty controller board.

There is no encryption and no need to engage a professional, but you would have seen that if you had bothered to read the thread.

Check popular online retailers such as Amazon, Newegg, or eBay. Search for “WD Elements controller board” or a similar service combination to find listings from third-party sellers. Make sure to verify the compatibility of the controller board with your specific WD Elements model before making a purchase.

The code “4061-705094-301” refers to a specific Printed Circuit Board (PCB) model. If you can’t access your data due to encryption issues and a SATA cable isn’t working, replacing the PCB with a new one that matches this model number might resolve the problem.