What's Next - The start of a new Theme

Here’s something that I’ve started for a new theme.  This is just early work.



View HERE and HERE

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you  like purple, purple is trendy ,

i like purple my theme is purple too

that is great looking, keep it up and i hope u release it, its what i am looking for.

That looks pretty amazing. Is that done with moviesheets ?

It’s amazing wow !! keep the great work, congratulations !!

Very nice looking! I would assume that this is not done with moviesheets, but using the xml. If it is using the xml, I think like I’m at McDonalds…(ba ba ba ba ba I’m lovin’ It)

Cool stuff!!!

Very nice. Keep up the good effort.

Thanks guys.

Seems though I had to make a change though.


It appears that if you set the fixed scolling to the “0” position, it will scroll fine forward, but it will not stay in the fixed position when scrolling backwards.  So you have to set the fixed position to at least “1”, this seems to be a bug in the firmware because even in the OSD theme reverse scrollling doesn’t always work correctly.







Great work as usual TW. yes deffinately like the Purple one better.

As an idea, would it be better if the non focused films have a slight grey mask to them, so as to make the selected choice stand out more?


Thanks, and thanks for the idea, I always apprecitate everyone’s input.  The only problem is that when you add a transparent image (like a grey mask) over another image, the HUB will sometimes double the transparent image making it darker which ruins the effect.  This seems to be an issue of how the HUB refreshes the screen .

I’ll into this though and see what can be done, but if it corrupts the look, I believe that it should be enough that selected image has a purple outline around it, not to mention the really large “poster” image to the right of the screen for it to stand out.

Thanks again.



Any chance of you uploading the gallery xml for this theme. Would like to use it asap only for gallery view as this is the only view I use.



Patience my young Padawan!:smileyvery-happy:

how do you get the icons to show behind one another, instead of the back ones being in front.

A little hard to explain.  You have to think of the xml as layers, anything in the xml that is first will appear behind the next thing the xml.  Basically, you reverse the order of the thumbnails in the xml.

As usual, your work looks great. Just my opinion that the purple bar looks nice but I’m not too crazy about the 3d lettering…


Thanks.  As I said in the first post, this is a work in progress, and yeah, I wasn’t that crazy about the text either, but I had already made the text so I was just using them to show the progress.  Things will probably change a lot between posts, and already have since I first posted the Main Menu pics (those are the 2nd time that I changed them).

got it,  that makes sense thank you.

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