What is the meaning of an i in the folder icon


There is an “i” letter in the folder icon. This was not there before.
What does this mean? Is there some error? Attached is the image


Software versions as below

Thanks in advance

it doesn’t look like an “i” to me (no space between the dot and the tail)

… enlarge the folder icons see we can get a clearer look

Right-Click on your mouse anywhere and select View > Extra Large Icons

and post another screenshot

My bad … its not an ‘i’ .

Below is the image

IIRC that icon means you have created a share link to the folders. You should be able to right click the folder and select delete share link and the icon will go away.

That does not appear to be a shared folder

When I right click, the context menu shows an option to create a share link.


try selecting create share link and then right click again and choose delete share link.

tried and No results.
The folder icons remains as before.

Every Folder and File created in the “Family” folder will be shared with all users that have been invited to the My Cloud Home and thus the Share / Sync icon by default. IE: the guest user must be added and have access to the My Cloud Home


The green shared icon is displayed using the “Create Share Link” option for files and folders outside of the Family Folder and inside of the Family Folder if there are no Guest Users on the My Cloud Home.