What adapter needed for G Raid GR4-4000?

I have several GR4-4000’s but the power adapters are lost. Does it require output of 12v & 4a?

thanks in advance

0G02745 is the power adapter for the G-RAID. for US based connections.

But yes, it is a 12v 4a power adapter.

thanks for your help Rydia, I see you’re on staff there, may sound like a lame question but would a 12v 2a adapter work for the GR4 4000’s and / or the GR4 2000’s (I have some of those as well)?

No, the G-RAID requires a 4a supply. the G-DRIVE is 2a. It requires 2a per drive and the G-RAIDs have 2 drives in them.

Very helpful, thanks again!

I have this drive and just had my power supply (which matches these specs) burn up in the drive. Smoke, melt, etc. There is something left in the hole that I cannot remove. Not sure what to do. I am not sure if it is all backed up or not. I was not using as a RAID but as JBOD…can I take the drives out and try to mount them elsewhere?

tried that and it didn’t work