GRaid 4TB Power Source?

GRaid 4tb requires a power brick of ?V and ?A?

Hello, Let me warn you to get the specs for the plug as that can vary with the adapter. (I do not have any of your needed specs) I’ve made that mistake once (was enough) so get the amps, volts, and plug size. That info will be stated like 2.5 x 5 or 2.5 • 5.0. Obviously, my EXAMPLE uses 2.5 and 5.0 but both will vary.
Although you can calculate the watts from amps & volts specifications, Gtech seems to provide the watts and the amps not volts. I am assuming that is because volts will vary with location on this planet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Pleased to see your question as I think I have the same question, I am also confused and in need of light on this same issue. Need help.
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