Western Digital Dashboard Problem

Yeah, I don’t know why they haven’t addressed it or pipped in here to comment.
In either event, do you have the installer? If not I can help you.

I contacted wd support they are aware that the latest update appearing in the update option of wd dashboard still doesn’t fix our current problem on windows 10. They are hoping the engineers will have it fixed in the next update and recommend we stay on until then.

Sssooo I went to dashboard download page and saw a newer version (4/20(haha)) release date. I was like ok cool they fixed it I downloaded it It crashes exactly like the version before They didn’t fix anything Makes me nervous about this company

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Made a account to comment that I’m having the same issue.
Fresh installation of Windows 11 on 5950X / X570-E Gaming and I’ve got Razer software (if that’s even related).
The dashboard crashes instantly on start with both the regular- as well as the standalone installer for latest Version: | Installer:

I have the same issue, before reinstall windows 11 the dashboard works correctly, but after reinstall the app closes automatically. Confirm that I have the razer synapsed installed with windows 11 pro as OS.