Western Digital Blue WD3200 issue

I love your guys products but i am not understanding is how such a good product be fine for one second and then start showing errors that may or not be true in the smart health i have seen it show pending sectors before and that error was corrected with lifeguard and now this same issue came up again but i doubt 679 pending sectors is correct Western Digital series hard drives is all i will order and use unless the computer i have came with something else this drive being fine then throwing out errors and getting a error when trying to repair bad sectors that may not actually be present i think this might be a problem with the PCB
679 current pending sectors is what HD Tune Pro v5.50 is showing but not the lifeguard program i need to know what to do because i have a lot of data i cant get off this drive because it seems like a PCB problem and this issue has happened before when the drive isn’t even a year old nor was the laptop and the laptop manufacture has never been any help
I am posting this here because i was having a issue getting the complete product thing filled out

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Sorry to hear that you cannot access your files, if the hard drive is still recognized, you have the option of scanning it with a data recovery program, using Google you should be able to find several options. Also see if the following link helps. 


the hard drive is still recongized and i have recovered what i can of my data despite this problem though i will still continue to use just western digital products

i just now seen a reply was made since i was not notified that a reply has been made

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Trying to find out more on troubles with WD Drives

In the past year while servicing equipment I have noticed failure of hard drives in produces like Toshiba and Acer. Surprisingly the hard drives are Western Digital, but I do have a Hitachi with the same issue. The last few was a 250 in Tashiba and the latest is a 500 Scopio Blue in a Acer.  The computer come from two differnt areas that report no problems and I have checked for proper electric service and surge protects which they have. Both drives are not recognized and the last one with the 500 gig repeatedly rebooted until I removed the drive.

Serveral years of experience and service Apple to, sorry.