WD Password 1TB requests formatting only when i try to access one particular folder


I have a 1TB WD Passport and it suddenly asks for me to format the drive only when i try to access one specific folder! Its a folder with pictures and the annoying part is i was able to access them yesterday!! Has not been dropped or damaged. I can access the other folders and their files and possibly remove them all before formatting but the images in this fodler it also important to me! I do travel photography. I dont know what the problem may be or how to attempt fixing this :( 

help please!

Thank you 

Hello, sound like a data corruption problem, if you need to recover the files, you can try using testdisk or recuva. Check the link below for the download links. After you recover your files, you can try to format the hard drive and it should work fine again. 



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thank you, i will give it a try.

It worked thank you! is there anyway to now delete that folder without having to format my drive? it wont let me delete it.