WDTVLive media server problem

One wdtvlive shared on my local lan between a Win 8.1 PC and a Win 7 Ult. PC.

When using the “Play to” menu option (from within the Public TV folder file listing) on the WSin 8.1 PC, it works fine but doesn’t from the Win 7 PC. Returns this error dialog:

failed to retrieve media information from media server.

I can’t find any reason for this so far.



Make sure to check the network sharing settings on the computer to see if you are missing something.

Perhaps a WDTV Live gives a different error message than my older Live Plus, but you could be having this issue, so check iit out:  

  “There is no media in the current folder.” (Oh yes there is!)


BTW, I suggest you use Network shares instead of Media servers.  Solves a lot of problems.