WDTV LIVE streaming to 2 tv issues

I currently have a WDTV LIVE that connects to my HDTV and to a NAS drive (wired) downstairs. obviously no studdering/freezing issues.

I have another HDTV upstairs in the 3rd bedroom w/ another WDTV LIVE in there. I would like to stream the conten (NAS Drive)t from downstairs to upstairs. I’ve done this but on occasion i get studdering and freezing Wi Fi issues. As I see it, I have one choice on how to fix this issue and that would be to hard wire cat 5 cable from downstairs to the upstairs. (pain in the neck to do)

It has been brought to my attention that I can purchase the Netgear 500 Plug Link. How effective could that be?

The modem/router is located next to the downstairs WDTV LIVE. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.



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What was wrong with the answer you got a few months ago in the correct forum ?


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But its all down to your house wiring how effective they are as far as I know. They are a bit pricey compared to Cat cable, but they will be better than wireless.

Most of these devices have trouble when they are on different circuits. They tend NOT to get along well with ground fault and arc fault circuit breakers. Make sure the ones you buy can be returned if they don’t work well enough for your needs.

I tried a pair from Linksys that worked just OK but it wasn’t long until one of them just quit working.