Streaming issues 12/25/12

Good Morning,

I am streaming from from my downstairs wdtv live to my upstairs bedroom. getting lots of freezing issues when playing back media content - movies tv etc.

works fine downstairs. i noticed that my internet wireless signal on the wdtv live upstairs is very weak Could that be the issue? What can i do to fix this? Would a signal booster help? Is there even such a thing?



if it is wireless causing the issue, you can get powerplugs to turn it into a wired network through your electrical socket

which powerplugs do you recommend?

If you go on amazon for example and search for homeplugs you should see reviews on each item, google a lil about more information about them and perhaps watch youtube videos about them in generl or ones you think you’re interested in.

I’ve never used them myself but i believe you buy atleast a set of 2, one goes near your router at the power socket and you connect ethernet to it, plug another one in by the place you need it with ethernet coming from that and it runs over the electrical wiring in the home avoiding the need for extra long ethernet cable trailing everywhere.  I’ve read they don’t work well with multiplug extensions but i think that’s more the ones that have surge protection which interferes with the signal.

The cause of the freezing could be caused by a number of things i guess, if the signal on wdtv is that weak when streaming it could be that, it could be the source you’re streaming from or even the speed of your connection especially if many devices  are using the internet at the same time.

Powerline adapters is another term used for these plugs.