WDTV Live keeps defaulting to 720p/50 on boot

I’m currently running firmware 2.01.86 (tried 2.02.32 but it rendered my SMP unusably slow).

Everything’s running fine except the screen resolution keeps changing from 1080p/60 to 720p/50 whenever I turn the WDTV Live back on from standby. Aside from the noticeably lower resolution on my TV, the frame rate of most of my content consequently suffers from a very annoying judder. I have to keep going into my settings menu and changing the resolution back to 1080p/60.

Any ideas why this is happening, and if there’s anything I can do to fix it? I don’t want to install FW 2.02.32 right now.

It’s a common problem that affects all WDTV media players … it’s a HDMI (EDID) Handshake issue between the WDTV & your TV

You can try setting the WDTV resolution to AUTO and see if your TV displays 1080p while watching a movie … (press display button on your TV remote)

There’s been lot’s of posts over the years regarding the problem… (here’s just a few)



I did try this a while ago and seemed to work … but i keep forgetting to do the procedure (so i just change the setting)