WD TV LIVE keeps resetting to 720p after each restart

I’m very satisfied with my product that I have since 2 years, no network problem or whatesoever, the only thing bothering me since the begining is the resolution issue.

First I precise that my TV is a Philips LCD TV 42PFL3604 107 cm (42") Full HD 1080p

( http://download.p4c.philips.com/files/4/42pfl3604_12/42pfl3604_12_pss_enggb.pdf)) and that I have no resolution problems with any other devices (like Bluray player, or Cable TV receiver, Wii U etc…) and that I tried all HDMI ouput on my TV or tried with different HDMI cables

If in resolution mode I choose AUTO in the WD TV LIVE’s settings (who seems the perfect modus) the resolution is always set then to 720p50 (menu WD TV LIVE/videos ,) which is kind of disturbing because my TV is 1080p 24hz/50hz/60hz, if I start a video with a 1080p resolution (24hz/50/60), the resolution doesn’t change to 1080p and remains in 720p50 (resolution info from my TV)

I decided then to manually change the resolution in the WD TV LIVE’s settings and choose for exemple 1080p24hz (for a video with this frequency and resolution), first when I choose this resolution I alway get a warning message from the WD TV LIVE telling me than my TV is not compatible “do you still want to do it?”… I force it anyway by confirming YES, and the resolution is changing then to 1080p24hz and my TV confirms me these info.

So first I dont get why the WDTV LIVE is telling me that “my tv is not compatible” because it is? And once I forced it its working perfectly so what’s the **bleep**?

The second issue is that each time my WDTV LIVE is turned OFF, it is going back to 720p50HZ. So I have everytime to again force the 1080p mode in manual mode. That’s very annoying.

Could this be finally fixed by a firmware update ???


Sounds like a HDMI “Handshake” issue between your WDTV & PHILIPS  (sorry, can’t offer any help except what you discovered as a workaround to ‘force it’)

With the other issue of reverting back to 720p50hz i also have the same issue with my WDTV Live Hub

But i did a week long test that seemed to resolve this issue on my device.

I made sure my TV was in Standby (RED light … Not switched on)

Turned on my WDTV Live Hub … waited until it was fully booted up … then turned my TV On (GREEN light)

The WDTV Live Hub was still on the same resolution i selected the day before " 1080p 24hz"

(tried this 7 days in a row without it defaulting back to 720p50hz)

Of course … one day i forgot and turned my TV on 1st on HDMI1 and then powered on the WDTV Live Hub after the  boot up … i checked the settings … and yep, it was back at 720p50hz

So, i can only assume the HMDI “Handshake” Between my WDTV & Panasonic TV defaults back to 720p50hz if i have the TV on during the boot process

Wonder if anyone else has tried this ?

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