WDTV Box Scrambles Order of Files Displayed from MyCloud

Hi, new here; if this has been asked, I haven’t found the thread.
I set up my network recently and all was well until this:

I load 21 CDs (as FLACs from a boxed CD set) from my PC to the “Public” folder of my MyCloud 2-TB server. So far, so good: all disks are listed on the Cloud from 1-21 as they should be (chronology being important in this set.)

HOWEVER: When I access the Cloud drive from the WDTV box, the discs show up in the “Music” file out of order. They have never been shown correctly on the TV so far. Everything plays fine, artwork is there, but…the order is scrambled.

I have re-set the Cloud and re-loaded the discs in one at a time; I have re-set the WDTV box, and nothing helps.

(System for reference: Windows 10, HP 3.2 GHZ quad-core/16 Gigs RAM, Ethernet all around from modem/router to my PC, MyCloud, WDTV, PlayStation3 and other Blu-Ray player)

I hope I am missing something obvious; any help is appreciated as I don’t want to load more files until I figure this out.
Happy New Year to everyone.

Yes, this happens. music files viewed via Media Server view are not in order, whereas music files viewed via Network Shares are in order. (Or vice versa, although I think what I wrote is correct). Apparently the DLNA server picks files out not in order; maybe they are in order of their placement on the HD… Anyway, you can stop copying and re-copying CDs now, and try viewing them through Network Shares if you have been viewing them under Media Server.

Will give that a shot. Thanks Mike.