WdMyCloud is slower with Mac os X


I have 1 mac mini and 1 Pc with Linux in my gigabit network

I have noticed that when working with Linux thru samba the file transfer rate is a lot more faster that with mac os x Yosemite.

I don’t know why, any suggestions?

I tried to copy a large folder to WDmycloud and it took an hour with Linux and in OS X was like 22 hours… 

Hello, Are you mapping the drive or are you using it from Finder? Please vist the following link for information on How to map a WD network drive on a Mac. Also I would recommend to map it using AFP as is the default protocol for Apple Computers.

Hi, I was using it from finder.

I did what you suggested and mapped it using AFP.

The first 180 mg were really fast…  after that became super slow.

59 Gb will take 1 day… 

I copied 70 gb with linux in a few hours.

I don’t understand why, even to copy from Mac to Linux is a lot faster.