WD My Cloud SLOW on Macbook Pro

I have a Macbook Pro and an old desktop Dell PC (running win Vista).
Both use two My Cloud devices (I use the second one as a backup of the first one + to store my Time machine backups).
All four devices are (wired) connected to my Netgear WNDR3700V3 router.

When I access My Cloud from my Vista PC it is much faster then accessing it from my Macbook…
On my Macbook, the My Cloud NAS is shown in the “shared” tab. However, when I click on it, it shows ‘connecting…’ and it can take up to 30 sec before actually showing the content of the disk.
The problem is not hardware related. When I switch the cables between my PC and Macbook, the Macbook is still slow, while the Vista PC is much faster…
Does anyone have an idea how I can make this faster ? Is there a setting in my OS X which can speed up this process ?

Also transfer speeds are slow. When I connect a USB2 HDD to my MacBook, files are saved much faster then when saving them on My Cloud via Ethernet.

Thanks for your help !

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The issue of the My Cloud being slow on the Mac has been commented on from time to time. Might want to do a subforum search (magnifying glass icon upper right) and read the previous threads to see if there is any real solution. For starters may want to see how the Mac is connecting to the My Cloud, is it AFP or SMB or some other method. One may want to “map” the My Cloud to the Mac which may speed up the initial access some what.

Here are a few prior threads: