WD800JD Security Feature


I have a WD 800JD SE here that I need to wipe for the agency I work for.  We are using secure erase and the problem is that we cannot wipe these drives because of a “BIOS Dependent” security feature that prevents any changes in liue of protecting against password changes by maware.

On that note, we have even swapped the WD800JD with a completely different make and mode PC and still could not get past the ATA security feature.

How can I unlock these drive so they can be securely wiped?

Shaun Neidlinger

WV Office of Technology

You can try using the DLG tool to write zeros to the hard drive. Check the following link for more information. 


Im not sure a low-level wipe is what we need.  We need to be erasing the drives securely instead of a generalized full format. 

I was hoping there was a way to bypass the SSE set to run the program Secure Erase (HDDErase.exe)  I continue to get the failure that hdderase cannot run because of the ATA Security set.  I am doubtful that any of the jumper settings will bypass SSE.

Is the drive password protected? If not, then I can’t see why it would be locked in a different machine, unless it has similar BIOS security settings.