wd5000aacs damaged, advise please

Dear all,

I need the expertees to give me the proper advise :slight_smile:

I purchased hard drive My Book 500 GB (wd5000aacs) since 2009

_ In October 2010 _

The hard drive fall down to the ground while its connected and damaged

i recognized the sound of heads ( damaged heads )

as you can listen here to the sound number 1 in knocking sounds


So, the solution to swap plates into new one.

I found many articles and all of them confirm that i have to get donor hard drive same model and firmware

I recognized the model but how to identify the firmware? (note: i didn’t tried to upgrade it, original factory firmware)


MDL: WD5000AACS-00G8B0

DATE: 31 JUL 2008


R/N: 701537

SN: [deleted]


Now i have many questions, please be patient :slight_smile:

  1. What is the percent of the data recovery if successful swap occured?
  2. How many times the hard drive will be worked ( giving me enough time to copy about 400 GB ?)
  3. It will work on Windows 7 normally or what?
  4. Should i prepare isolated incubator such as microbilogy labs or just clean room with no air flow?
  5. Where i can find the same hard drive
  6. The hard drive not touched over 3 years, does it affect on the data recovery?

Thanks and waiting to the advise


I recommend you contact a data recovery company. 


Take a look at the link below for more information.

How to recover data on a drive, obtain a circuit board, repair a drive, or find a list of WD data recovery partners 

Thanks for replay

No WD certified data recovery in Egypt.

Also there is some data recovery specialists but they are zero % guaranteed, they always telling me the percent 50 % and many of my friends tried them and the resutl 100% failure :slight_smile:

So, i think i have to try it my self or get some one under my scope during this operation

But i want to identify the firm ware and where to find similar donor hard drive