WD30EZRX - sectors size question

Hello. I had one question regarding my new WD30EZRX. Whatever software I use it says that sectors are 512 bytes in size. As far as I know its AF drive so sectors should be shown as 4096 bytes. Such information (512 bytes) was obtained using AIDA64 Extreme v. 1.80, Disktrix UltimateDefrag 3.0 (briliant software by the way) and O&O Defrag 11.5 x64. Is it normal or HDD had some problems with reporting it’s capabilities? I use Windows 7 Professional x64 PL with SP1 and latest updates on quite modern mainboard (Gigabyte’s GA-890GPA-UD3H with AMD SATA III chipset) updated to latest drivers version so there shouldn’t be problem with recognizing AF drives by system and drivers. When I formatted this drive using Windows Disk Managment, it offered me every possible sector size - from 512 to 32768 bytes. I haven’t tried sectors smaller than default 4096, but I thought that AF drives should be detected as 4k sector sized and system shouldn’t even show me option to format with sector size smaller than 4k. Anyway - every diagnostic/disk software that I used shows old 512b sector size for this drive. Question is - why and should I be worried of that?

there is nothing to be scare off here

it’s strange that is not showing the correct sector size

try a low level format and reformat the drive again on windows to see if the sectors size will change

Well… Drive was totally new, so I haven’t wasted my time with low level formatting… Everywhere WD says that everything should be recognized out of the box in Windows 7… Now it’s 3/4 full (I moved there some data from my old, smaller drives) so reformat is nearly impossible.

Could anyone who wons any Advanced Fotmat drive check it in some application and write down here how it’s recognised?