WD2Go problem


I have got WD Live Gigabit 3TB.

When I connect with WD2go (via internet)

I can see my shared folder in my explorer ( for example: V1)

I can see inside V1

I can open my excel file( and other files) in main folder.

I can see subfolder in main folder.

But I can’t open my excel files( or other files) in subfolder.

When I open my excel file Ask me user name , password

I enter my user name and password can’t open my file.

Have you tried to use admin/admin for the user name and password. You can also try to copy the files to your computer. 

Edit: The admin/admin password is related to the My Book World, not the My Book Live. In this case just don’t enter any user name or password and click OK.

Investigating more for this case, I found that Microsoft Office doesn’t support WebDAV authentication. So as stated in the previous post you can try to copy the file to your computer and when you finish, copy it back to the My Book Live.

For more information you can click on the following links.