WD2Go for Windows RT

This has already appeared on the Community board, but with over 1 million Windows Surfaces out there and presumably more of other makes, it must be viable to produce a version of WD2Go for Windows RT.


Yes, please please please provide WD2Go for Windows RT. The WD app doesn’t work but it’s crazy that I can access my drive via a PC and Windows Phone 8 but not Windows RT. It’s the same infrastructure (pretty much). Just shouldn’t rely on Java

Would like a solution to this, I got a SurfaceRT because of its portability and a WD MBL in same purchase to overcome the limited memory storage of the surface. As I mainly use a computer for basic web browsing and viewing photo media I need good storage solutions.

Locally on a network, I get that albeit the WD app doesn’t work… but out and about the ability to remotely use the drive on a windowsRT Surface would be great.

Please prioritise this for all the SuirfaceRT users!

Agree completely with the earlier posts. There’s no clear reason to support iPad but not Surface, they both are great for photos, videos, and other content but both have poor onboard storage. I realize that getting iPad working was the priority, that’s fair enough; but please don’t leave us hanging forever! :laughing:

I aggre with the earlier post. It woud be a great apps to the surface market ! (Windows 8 RT)

I would like to recommend an RT App be created for Surface