Call for WD to support Windows 8 RT - please add your vote

Dear WD… I have a My Passport Duo Live 6TB drive. It’s great and works a treat on my Windows 8 64bit laptop. What we now need is for your App to support Windows 8 RT so Surface and other Tablet users can also access the drives. You have the app for Windows Phone 8, so please support it’s bigger brother, Windows 8 RT.

IE for RT does not support the full set of Java so your online portal is also incompatible. A Java-less environment (HTML5) would be a huge help. As more and more people are moving to tablets in remote environments (e.g. when travelling, out and about of seeing friends) it’s essential that we can access our data on these devices.

This is a VOTE FROM THE COMMUNITY to request support for Windows 8 RT as soon as possible.

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I guess it depends on the success of Windows 8 RT as an OS. 

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I vote for this too.

Thanks for the post.  I realize now I can’t get the surface .  All because of this and the flash!

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i agree.  A easy fix would be a Windows 8 app.