WD20EARS and 4k sectors on vista format problem

Hi, I am a bit confused, yesterday i bought one of the wd20ears and formatted it. After this i checked some sites and now i am confused. With windows vista disk managment when you format the hdd does it automatically format in the 4k sectors or do i have to do it with some software? Also how can i confirm that its 4k and not 512kb format?? Please let me know, thanks EDIT. I download hd tune pro and it says my sector size is 512kb. How do i change it to 4k, as i downloaded wd align but it says everything is perfectly align, which of course is false.

The Advanced Format information is pretty vague but I do know that the 4k sector information is not relayed to software so any test you do will still show it as 512 even if it is 4k.

Vista will have done the correct format on it so you should just assume that it is correct which the WD align confirmed.