WD USB Port PCB: Oasis Desktop 1607P

Hi everyone,

I own an external 2TB WD and the usb port got damaged.

I would like a replacement for the same but nowhere is this piece of electronic available [amazon etc].


reading richUK replies in that thread i tend to agree with him that it’s just a USB controller board that plugs into the Sata Connector on the Hard drive.

if underneath the hard drive (picture below) you can see the logic board … and damaged board you have plugs into where the 2 red arrows are pointing (which is the Sata Connector+Power)

Then, the damaged board is just a USB Controller and the hard drive itself should hopefully be fine.

Just buy and External SATA USB Enclosure (which you can buy almost anywhere and everywhere these days) and put your Hard drive in it and plug it into your PC.

I have one that supports up to 4TB and cost me $26 AUD… https://www.msy.com.au/simplecom-se325-black-35-hdd-to-usb30-tool-free-external-enclosure