WD unable to sleep


For those of you unable to make you WD go to sleep can you check something for me? (requires ssh access)

ls -l /var/log/daemon.log 

and post your results here. If its a large file then do the following and post it here as well…

tail /var/log/daemon.log

Trying to determine if this is a cause… require more data before I can make any conclusions. These command do not change anything on your WD, they just show the size and partial content of a log file.



What’s on your mind?  All that’s in there is a record of DHCP requests and responses.

Did spot something unrelated . . .

Nov 18 01:37:46 localhost avahi-daemon[4189]: ***WARNING: Detected another IPv4 mDNS stack running on this host. This makes mDNS unreliable and is thus not recommended.***


You are on the right track. See my posting of Mon 28 Nov 2011 in thread “Huge MBL Operating System File - Could It Be Preventing Sleep?”. In fact since I made that posting I have resolved the Sleep problem that I had. I fixed it late on Mon 28 Nov 2011. I had a MBL that had never ever gone to sleep since initial power-up on 14 Oct 2011. Since Mon 28 Nov 2011 when I applied “the fix”, it has been happily sleeping like a baby. I have checked it frequently over the past week and I only spotted it with a Green Led on one occasion and then it went  back to Sleep after 10 minutes. I will be posting full details to the WD Community tomorrow: the problem, the fix and some suggestion to WDC. I will delay posting until then as I want to gather and attach over a full weeks worth of log file data (/var/log/user.log) to my posting. 

If you are having a Sleep problem (with the same cause as mine); a solution is imminent.

Regards, WilliamH

Hi to All with the Sleep/Standby Problem,

I have resolved the problem that was preventing my MBL 3TB from entering Sleep/Standby. See my posting of today (Tues 06 Dec 2011) in the thread “Huge MBL Operating System File - Could It Be Preventing Sleep?”. Hope that the resolution of my problem will be of use to some members of the WD Community.

Regards, WilliamH