WD TV suddenly cannot see windows shares

First read this:

Follow the guide until you determine which system on your network is the master browser. If you are using a NAS you should make sure that the NAS is the maser browser.

For me powering down, unplugging and restarting the master browser device solved the problem.

One thing that can complicate the diagnostic is that in some cases the master browser designation can bounce around to different devices depending on the order of power-up. Make sure that the NAS or other file server device has the master browser designation.

I spent a lot of time working through router parameters and so forth, probably several hours of diagnostics. Ultimately my NAS was the master browser and when i powered it down and rebooted suddenly the windows shares were visible and usable again.

This is the first time I’ve seen this issue in over a year of using the WD TV.

Anyway, just wanted to share what worked for me.

Welcome to the forum. Looks like this is your first post. The link you resurrected of Tony’s post from the archives is a good one, but can be a bit technical for many people.

My first post here was also something I figured out, like you did. I searched the form for ayear, but no real clues, and I had to figure out the solution myself. Issue is gone.

Here are two links you may want to know about. One is by a guy who figured out the Master Browser long ago. He even wrote a handy little program to check on the MB status at anytime. So, download and install it. Many of us have. You will like it. It is a very easy way to do what Tony’s link suggests. Basically, it’s TOO easy, which is very nice.

The important thing about the MB, is you want a permanent one that is always on, like from a NAS, or from a router with the feature. Ever since my router became the MB, all my issues with MB are long gone.

Another post is one I wrote about the Network shares, passwords, etc.issues for the WDTV See this:

Enjoy the forums here; they are often quite informative.

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