WD TV Play-New

Just got the E-mail announcement.  No Amazon video. Whose at fault-Amazon or WD?  Can someone from WD substantially address this?  I’ve tried to get an answer from both.

I have 2 different WD players, but at the moment think my $$ will be better spent elsewhere here on out when considering replacements.

Please start a new category and tx this message there.  Thanks.

Buy a Roku for now if you want to watch Amazon Instant Videos.


Also, the WDTV Play has no DTS or MPEG-2 support :stuck_out_tongue:

But … it may support Passthrough of DTS to a compatible AVR

Actually the most important thing to me is if it has the capability to bitstream the DTS and DTS HD-MA to my receiver. I have the Live, but can’t bitstream the DTS HD audio, and WD claims it is because of the license restriction, really disappointed.
And, MPEG-2 is the DVD codec, right? I have a lot of BD-rip, H.264, MKV container movies, lacking of MPEG-2 shouldn’t affect me much.

I just gave this new unit a “review” of sorts at this similar thread:  http://community.wdc.com/t5/WD-TV-Live-Streaming-Discussions/WD-TV-Play/m-p/542570#M18243

Agree, with commentor above – the Roku is a better choice than this new Play for media player novices.  I have Roku units, as well as WD units – Roku is a total no-brainer unit, and works very well.  I like it better than the WD for streaming Internet stuff, like Netflix.