WD TV Play and MKV files.....YES or NO?

Thanks for the link! I contacted Amazon and they’ve approved the return.

After boxing up the old TV Play I used that link and ordered the TV Live. I ended up getting free shipping with no tax. So in essence I paid $20 to get a media player I can REALLY use. In my book I put that in the “Win” column

Due to availablity I do have to wait 2 weeks for the TV Live to come in and ship. But I can live with that.

Thanks again for your help.


While you are waiting for your new Live Streaming player to arrive, you can get familiar with the unit by checking out its support pages here, download the User Maual, etc:  http://support.wdc.com/product/install.asp?groupid=1011&lang=en

You can also explore the forum for the Live Streaming, too.

When you get it and set it up, you may be asked to install new firmware – SKIP that option at first, because you will likely have a very fresh unit with serviceable firmware.  Once you are setup, find the version of your installed firmware, and from this forum find out the latest version and see if many people are complaining about issues.  You do not need to update firmware until you are ready to do so.

Glad we could help!

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After some “unpleasantness” (4 weeks of waiting and “it’ll be here ANY day now” responses) with MacMall I cancelled the order for the WD TV Live and then ordered one through Tiger Direct (Amazon) for $10 more.

It arrived 2 days ago and was up and running within 10 minutes of me opening the box. And yeah, it can play MKV files without a problem. So I’m one happy camper.  :smiley: