WD TV Live windows share movie and tv art caching

I have a WD TV Live smp and I love it. I have it connected to a Windows 7 Share, with a 2 tb harddrive of Movies and TV. I have all the pictures and xml files and everything runs smooth. However, when I connect to my share through the wd it always takes a while for it to produce the art for my movies or tv .

(example: ill go to videos, open Movies then go to action. After about 5-7, or longer,  seconds the images for the art will begin to coalesce for a few files.)

This takes alot of time and kind of takes away from the experience. My boxee box produces all the art to my movies instantly as soon I go to movies. Is there any way to cache or save the movie/tv art so that they produce on screen faster ?? If I attach a harddrive physically to the wd can I set it up to save the art there that way??



Sorry mate, I haven’t seem an option like that on the media player.

Try disabling your firewalls just for testing.

I just asked the same thing here


I have the artwork cashed from when it was connected to the usb, but that is of no help when using on the network.

I think this is very stupid on WD part. Other media players cash thumbs over the network just fine.

This is just 1 of a few things that WD really needs to sort out on an update. But don’t hold your breath lol

Completely off-the-wall suggestion - what if you stuck in a USB pendrive?

Would the WDTV cache network media cover art to that ?  Unlikely, but you never know…