No thumb cashing over networK?

Should the thumb artwork be cashed when connected to the pc over a network?

Because mine does not. Has to load in the thumbs everytime. Media library on or off makes no difference.

Direct USB connected is the only way i have ever seen it cash thumbs.


Try doing thought the network shares. Is working for me that like that.

Network share is how i’m doing it.

Thats strange how it works for you and not me.

Are you 100% sure your thumbs are cashed?  because mine don’t.

Any ideas??

No, thumbs don’t cache for network shares.

I think radexx is talking about displaying, not caching. 

This how the FW is designed and is the same for the HUB and SMP.  The FW doesn’t create a .wd_tv / thumb folder on network drives.