WD TV Live unable to read External HD after few minutes


Please, I have an issue and need help.

I have an “WD TV Live”.

When I plug my 16gb memory stick it works fine.

But I bought an 500 gb External HD (WD My Passport - WDBKXH5000ABK-01).
I copied some movies to the External HD and plugged it on my WD TV Live. The movie works fine until more or less 10 minutes. After this the movie stop.
I realized that the External HD’s light stop to blink when the movie stop. And after this I can’t access the External HD’s files. But when I touch the External HD I feel that the disk is running.
To access the External HD’s files again I need to unplug and plug it again.

The same movie works fine when I play this one using my 16gb memory stick.

I’ve already tried to format my External HD, but it didn’t work.

Can anybody help me?

Many Thanks.

Felipe Caineli (São Paulo-Brazil)

Hello felipecaineli, did you verified if this happens with all of the movie files? If you haven’t, you can try updating the firmware to the latest version. Always remember to press the eject button on the remote controller, before you disconnect the Passport from the WDTV. 


Hello  Ichigo.

Thanks for your support.

I checked my WD TV Live firmware version, and it has already updated to the release 1.16.13 (as link below).


I tested two files (MKV 1080p) with External HD and this issue happens with both. And both files played without problems if I use my 16gb memory stick. I think that there are no problems with the files.

Might my WD TV Live not able to send energy enough to the External HD?

I read in the product manual that it supports an external hd. Am I right?

Again, thanks for your support.

Sorry for my poor english.

Kind regards.

Felipe Caineli (São Paulo - Brazil)

If it’s an USB3 drive connected to the back port it may be this bug. What happens when you connect it to the front port?

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Hello  Techflaws

Thanks for your support.

Yes. The External HD is an USB 3.0.

I just plugged in the front USB port and I didn’t have the problem.

I played one whole movie without problems.

Many thanks.

Kind Regards.

Felipe Caineli (São Paulo - Brazil)

I had some issues connecting a WD Passport 2To USB3.0 to my WD TV Lite, the media research never concluded and after 15min the DD Led stoped blinking.

My DD was formated in NTFS and since I converted it in FAT32 it works fine

Just an idea

An idea which is most likely not tackling the root issue while also making things worse since FAT32 has a max file size of 4 GB which is exceeded by pretty much all of my HD content.


I need my External HD formated as NTFS, because I want to play movies/files larger than 4 gb.

Thanks for your support.

Felipe Caineli (São Paulo - Brazil)