Wd tv live jtag flashing?

is there a way to directly flash firmware (via jtag) to wd tv live as it seems I have a dead box here.

found this … http://guimli.free.fr/?p=66

best of luck

thank you, mine is gen2, but i hope the method is similiar or so …

if you have no luck … get a Raspberry Pi 3 (or 3 B+) and put Kodi on it.

Heaps better than a WD TV, can do a lot more with it, everything updated regularly and cheaper.

Even if you resurrect the WD TV it’s still a dead device.

Discontinued for years, No longer updated, No Support, A lot of services don’t work anymore, it uses security flawed SMB1 Network Protocol, does not support GPT(GUID) partitioned hdds etc. etc.